You really do amazing things with your box of magic tricks, Duane. Your creative elements have added tremendously to our programs. 
Thank you
                                                                                           Mark A. Hufnail
                                                                                           MPH Entertainment, Inc
                                                                                           Burbank, CA

The DVD that you produced ... is the best work we have provided our customers and it is all due to your expertise.  From our first conversation to the finished product your guidance made this journey enjoyable and educational. Your creative ideas and, especially, your patience with me were much appreciated. When we are ready to do this again you will be the first one we call.
                                                                                          Steve Barron
                                                                                           Director of Field Sales,
                                                                                        Progressive Foam Technologies, Inc.
                                                                                           Beach City, OH

(RE: Special effects work on a TV Special for Syfy Channel)
Dear Duane,                                                                         
You're a genius. Here's Penniston's response to your version of the craft.
                                                      Many, many thanks.
                                                                                           Kelly McPherson
                                                                                           Producer, MPH Entertainment, Inc
Dear Kelly,                                                            
Whoa!  Where do you find these guys that do this stuff?  Congratulations!  This is the closest remake of the actual craft-of-unknown-origin that I've ever seen.  This will be the most accurate imaging since being there that night, some twenty-three years ago.  It’s sort of chilling.
                                                                                            James W. Penniston, USAF/Ret

What an excellent job you've done!   Thank you SO MUCH for your prompt and satisfactory response. The new 'header' ... is exactly what we want. Oh if only we could afford - and find - a Duane Abler for OIBC!
                                                          Charles A Pasternak
                                                                                           Director, Oxford International Biomedical Centre
                                                                                           Oxford, United Kingdom

We had considered employing an Ohio-based production company we had worked with previously, but gave Mr. Abler an opportunity to bid this project. He won the bid. The project was completed on time and a bit under budget, and the quality of the work was exceptional. What amazed my team was not only the quality of the work, but also the intangibles Duane brought to the table. He will not take on a project or place his name on it – unless it can be done with the highest level professionalism and integrity. When he commits to a project, you can rest assured that it will be completed according to plan. 
V. Shane Browning
                                                                                           Director of Training
                                                                                          Associated Materials, Inc
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